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Outer ring road will ease congestion

Traffic problems in Wincheap
Traffic problems in Wincheap

It is hardly surprising that interest in fourth slip road from the A2 into the Wincheap commercial estate is waning. The previous slip road from the A28 onto the London bound A2 was heralded as a solution to Wincheap’s traffic problems, but as users of the A28 will know the traffic, if anything, has got worse there since it was built. I agree entirely with Martin Vye that the £53m of roadworks proposed will probably only make traffic congestion worse. Rather than ‘waste’ any more money tinkering with the problem, it should be used to make a start on a real solution for the future of traffic in the Canterbury area. When the centre of Canterbury became congested with traffic more than 60 years ago the imaginative solution was the present inner ring road. Now that this is becoming congested, it needs another step of the imagination to build an outer ring road, to allow traffic to pass freely around Canterbury. KCC and CCC road planners should get together and outline a possible route for this outer ring road. This at least would get the ‘show on the road’ and produce a lot of discussion.

As most of the proposal won’t be implemented for many years, or decades, there is plenty of time for people to reflect on it and look at where the ring road should go and where it is most needed. As the existing plan is to build 4,000 new houses to the south of Canterbury, I would have thought that this was the obvious place to start building this outer ring road, using funds from developers of this estate. Instead of just having a link road onto the A2, why not start phase one of the ring road by extending the A2 bypass eastwards to join up with the A257 west of Littlebourne? Then at a later date, when more funds become available, phase two could continue, east of Fordwich, to join up with the A28 at Sturry. At least this would provide an alternative route to the existing A28 through Canterbury, although using part of the A2bypass is not ideal, as the congestion in Wincheap often extends well beyond it.

Mike Armstrong, Queens Avenue, Canterbury

Herne Bay Gazette, April 23rd 2015


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