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Our Position Paper for the Final Meeting

Unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably, parts of the process and the output of the Governance Commission have not been as we had hoped. Here’s a summary of our concerns, which we have shared with all the Commission members. (This refers to the Public Reports Pack.)

CDCD Position Paper on the Draft Report of the Governance Commission by HerneBayMatters

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  1. Although I think this is a fair response to the proposals within the report, you have been too mild about what is omitted, in particular with regards to Engagement. In essence the report contains absolutely nothing new at all in relation to this, and nothing at all which is binding on either the Council or on Committees. To that extent, it utterly fails to address the underlying reasons why CDCD (and others) wanted a change to a committee system. There is much more that could, and should, be done to improve engagement with the electors of this District. The chance to implement a new relationship between voters and Councillor is being missed here, but hopefully with a new council in May 2015 we will have the chance to see some really new thought put into this.