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Old tree, new tree

If you’re one of the people who think that plants have feelings, and have been worrying about THAT Christmas tree that came in for so much stick, you can rest easy. After being needled in the press for days, it has been rather neatly recycled by Herne Bay in Bloom and Beach Creative in their Christmas grotto in the bandstand. All its branches have been (gently) snipped off and artfully arranged on the seasonal backdrop to the Christmas Fair.

The Christmas Fair is running this weekend – click HERE for details.

And what of the new tree? Well, at first it too was on the receiving end of a communal raspberry. I’m delighted to say that some of our townsfolk didn’t just shuffle away grumbling, but got together and pulled together (Blitzmas spirit?) to primp and prettify it into something very definitely Christmassy.

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