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what is wrong with flights from manston , i say good they should be allowed and who is this phil rose any way he gets on my tits . LET THERE BE NIGHT FLIGHTS FROM MANSTON . think of all the jobs it will create ,sod all the missable old tarts that will complain about the noise what noise i live on the flight path and i doesnt bother me and my family

David L.

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  1. You see. Already this poster's brain is exhibiting the deterioration which results from sleep deprivation. In a posting which is just five lines in length he has managed to include at least 13 grammatical errors. Do you really want your children to become such illiterate fools? Personally, I would like to see the cyle of deprivation and poverty in Thanet broken once and for all. For this to happen we need high quality, high paid jobs to which our youngsters can aspire. This won't happen if we sacrifice the area to unremitting noise and the stench of kerosene. The companies which can offer skilled, 21st Century jobs will simply go to the bustling business parks which are found in more enlightened boroughs. For years Thanet's future has been dictated by people who's view of economic development revolved around one port or another and building flats. I would venture the view that their approach has failed, and that it is time for a new agenda centred around the notion that this is a great place to live and work if you have a family. We have good transport links to the rest of Kent. What we actually need are more good schools, better amenities, less crime and the confidence that some illiterate fool will not dump night-flights on us.

  2. wibbly wobbly wallaby

    Hear, hear Igloo. If this person had tits – perhaps they would be useful in our society? Instead its written to elicit gutter responses. Like the potential for night flight's, poor old DL has had one too many?

  3. Flightpathsitter

    OK, let's not get snobby about this. People in Thanet have been fed the dream for years that there is the potential to develop the area through 'real jobs' in industries that are highly unlikely to materialise, particularly given the deterioration of the country's economy. They are quite generously offering to sacrifice their personal comfort for the sake of these elusive jobs, not realising that they are being manipulated by commercial organisations who want to take advantage of a vulnerable area with desperate people who would be willing to listen to aircraft noise all night in exchange for seeing their youngsters in gainful employment.The image of a bustling passenger airport staffed by thousands of happy locals is never going to matierialise, and I say this based on past experience (having lost money booking a flight with the last 'saviour' airline) and from the rapid demise of Flybe: a reputable cut price airline who would without doubt have stayed the course if it could see any evidence of passenger demand. Instead we'll get dodgy cargo planes that no-one else wants: planes that can be managed with minimal staffing levels. The gradual process – kicked off by recently improved rail links – of people wanting to invest and live in Thanet because of the lifestyle choices it offers will be nipped in the bud and people like David L and his family will find themselves in an even more hopeless situation.

  4. What many people posting on this blog fail to realise is that planning legislation is set in stone by various Acts of Parliament and the pro-airport lobby hurling abuse at the anti's or vice versa will not change the legislation.Manston Airport with the assistance of the MoD has been using planning loopholes to further the cause of a civilian airport at Manston for two decades.TDC needs a sound argument in planning law to bring this situation to a head and the night flight issue provides that opportunity. The most important issue at the moment for the airport lobby is to provide a clear message to the consultation process that this situation is overdue for resolution.http://in2thanet.blogspot.com/2012/01/night-flight-consultation-response.html

  5. No one could ever accuse Gerry of being middle class

  6. Readit isn't a middle class bully. He's just a well-meaning resident who has done a little research and is now demonstrating that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. To suggest that Manston is simple in planning terms is ridiculous. To their credit, Parsons Brinkerhoff didn't make any such claim. They said that TDC should take proper legal advice, legal advice which they were not qualified to offer and could not offer because they didn't have access to all of the relevant documents.

  7. Fair enough, Igloo, I do not claim to be an expert but I have had 45 years experience dealing with planning applications from the other side of the fence. I have also won an above average number of planning appeals against local authority planning departments.My immediate concern is that TDC seem convinced that they cannot call this in for planning scrutiny, which in my opinion is not correct.Do you have a better plan?

  8. sleeplessin ramsgate

    These are the rantings of a nincompoop. There will be no extra jobs, there will be noise at night resulting in health problems and learning problems for our children. All of these night flights will be cargo flights, while the rest of the poplulation seems to equate night flights with charter holiday flights… this is not the case.The most important message to get out is that night flights do not mean cheap charter holiday flights, but rather unsafe, dirty old cargo planes that import stuff that could be grown by our local farmers, supporting British farmers.

  9. Oh DearBack into your nice dark and quite room, you vacuous and odious creature!

  10. Too Many Clowns, not enough Circuses (aka Oh Dear)…touch!

  11. Hi Readit. My plan is simple. TDC writes to Infratil and tells them that their application for night-flights requires planning permission. They tell Infratil that, if they persist in attempting to schedule any passenger or cargo flights, TDC will seek an injunction from the High Court. There are several grounds which can be used to justify an injunction. In the meantime, Laura Sandys gets off her backside and persuades the Secretary of State to instruct Infratil that if they want to keep their operating licence, and want to expand the airport in any way, they will go through the same planning process that any other airport has to go through. There is no reason why a New Zealand based company should be given an unfair commercial advantage over British companies which run airports and have to work within the planning system to develop and expand.

  12. Sounds good to me!

  13. (N)ice one igloo.

  14. Slipway bobs mate

    IglooSuperb and incisive, now lets hope TDC is decisive.

  15. Igloo,Then we are in perfect agreement, except I have not taken it past first base. The first objective must be to convince TDC that a planning application for night flights IS necessary and the best way to do that is to illustrate it using planning legislation through the consultation process.People in general and councillors in particular should realize that requesting a planning application for night flights is neither pro nor anti the airport, it is just requesting due process which we would all have to follow if we wanted to expand a business in Thanet.

  16. sleeplessin ramsgate

    Check out this page on TDC's website for a slightly betterer explanation of the council's intentions than that which appeared on the blogs:http://www.thanet.gov.uk/news/latest_press_releases/new_approach_to_airport_consul.aspxFrom this it appears that a planning application may still be considered necessary by TDC, and extremely poor writing and communication lies at the root of the (understandable) impression that a decision had been made that the introduction of night flights would not constitute a change or intensification of use.Igloo and Readit have the day – have you conveyed your elegant solutions to our elected representatives yet? While you're at it, how about a couple of letters to the local rags who have given so much front page coverage to Charles Manston's blatant attempts to interfere with the democratic process this week?

  17. Don't celebrate too soon sleeplessin ramsgate there is many a slippery councillor between day and night

  18. Oh Dear = Troll