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Our main consultation response

It’s not too late, but it will be soon…

Leaflets of Joy!

Avia Report

Night Flights – all over again

Half a megatonne short of success

TDC commission report on Manston’s viability as an airport

Fighting for every tonne

Slipshod, slapdash and plain unprofessional

Eighteen planes every night for Herne Bay?

All those documents…

The end of night flights

CPO finally ruled out at Manston

Deciding Manston’s future

The uncomfortable truth about aircraft tear-down

Public support

Stone Hill Park consultation

Manston: testing times

Stone Hill Park – the new name for the Manston airport site

That PwC report. At last! So what?

What’s been happening, and where we are

Living alongside a successful airport

CPO is a last resort, and we’re not even close

Ramsgate and Herne Bay – the sacrificial lambs

Shameful secrecy, disgraceful conduct

Keeping up appearances, keeping up hope

Gale: veering and backing

Roger Gale – joker or knave?

WTF – Who’s Tony Freudmann?

Manston bullseye

CPO – Couldn’t Possibly Occur

Government not interested in Manston

Manston does NOT have to be an airport

Manston airport owners reveal images of masterplan

Manston airport didn’t work, and neither will RiverOak’s plan

Manston isn’t on everyone’s radar

Great unanswered questions – No. 1 in an occasional series

RiverOak – a fish out of water

Ann Gloag named on Sunday Times Rich List 2015

Ukip manifesto pledge to re-open Manston

Election 2015: All women panel at Thanet hustings event

Ukip leader Nigel Farage attacks rivals over Manston Airport interest

Thanet District Council local election listings: candidates by ward

Who wants your vote in the local election?

Manston airfield radar stops working

Manston Airport campaign gets boost

Manston airport: owners consider reporting Tories to Electoral…

Transport minster says hopes of reopening Manston airport given…

Airport site plans are simply fantasy

Airport ‘reopening plan’ backed

TG Aviation set for mediation with Manston airport site owners

11 things Sunday Times journalist Camilla Long didn’t tell you…

Outrage as article describes Thanet as similar to Chernobyl and like ‘a small module of erupted spleen.’

Plain Jane: Meet the candidates for the Green Party

SuMA ‘shocked’ by KCC Manston airport report

KCC statement calls for Manston airport ‘Plan B’

Manston airport lost £100 million under private ownership and time for a ‘B Plan’ says Kent County Council report

Government proposal to extend Discovery Park Enterprise Zone to…

PwC appointed to review decisions made on Manston airport

Shadow transport secretary: government slow to act on Manston…

KCC leader Paul Carter says MPs’ report on Manston is a travesty of the truth

BACA calls for Manston airport to reopen

MANSTON AIRPORT: Thanet council leader says no evidence of KCC…

MPs want airport deal out in open

KCC slammed in Transport Select Committee’s Manston airport…

Rally planned to mark one year since Manston airport closure…

Former youth commissioner Kerry Boyd to stand in local elections

Government to review airport CPO

Minister John Hayes announces review over Manston Airport

Transport Minister makes Manston airport announcement

Campaigners say Manston should be reliever airport in letter to…

Lib Dems call for “Team Thanet” approach on Manston

Government pledges help to see Manston reopened

Aviation minister unclear on Manston airport site ownership

Plans revealed for 20-acre solar farm next to Manston airport…

Airport committee chairman hits out at Sir Roger Gale

Manston loses search and rescue

Bristow Helicopters could move search and rescue service to Lydd…

Have your say in Manston’s future

Have you seen Pub Landlord Al Murray’s billboard?

Transport Minister John Hayes visits isle for Manston airport…

County Hall U-turns an enlightening experience

HSE make enquiries after Manston airport industrial accident

MANSTON: Key players grilled by MPs in Parliament over closure of…

Transport Select Committee – public hearing

Pub Landlord Al Murray visits Thanet as FUKP leader

Man injured in ‘airport explosion’

BREAKING: Worker suffers ‘serious’ head injury at Manston airport

Air ambulance lands at Manston

Airport’s former owner ‘misled MP’

Manston airport: Transport Select Committee grill key players

Future of Manston Airport in Ramsgate to be discussed at Westminster today

Transport Select Committee set to hear evidence on Manston…

KCC want your views on new Thanet Parkway station

Planning blueprint’s airport ‘optimism’

Manston airport: no further action on CPO until information…

TDC’s draft Local Plan says that Manston could still be an airport

Airport purchase rejection called in

Council panel calls in decision not to proceed with Manston…

My wish: let the planes fly again from Manston

Fracking fears highlighted by Campaign for the Protection of Rural England amid concerns to county’s aquifer and water supplies


Airport owners have feet on the ground



Transport Select Committee – written submission

Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave

Letter to Discovery Park

RiverOak’s proposed CPO deal with TDC


Why is RiverOak an LLC? And what is an LLC anyway?

Crichel House

How to do a CPO, properly.


How to do Due Diligence, properly.

Manston Solved

Iris Johnston hasn’t heard from you, doesn’t think you exist…

Roger Gale showing double standards

Lack of flights was terminal for airport

Mansion supporters are deaf to the truth

Peace comes at a high price for area

If you don’t like the noise you can move

I couldn’t disagree more with Myra

What about those now unemployed?

Thanet needs jobs, not more houses

Manston has been here for decades

Planes were noisier and closer in past

Airport is part of our local heritage

Council must issue a CPO for Manston

Exaggerated claims on airport closure

Compulsory purchase order option for airport

Peace comes to Herne Bay at last

Back the fight for council buy-out of Manston airport

What is real reason for closing airport?

MP wants by airport to be bought by council

Manston airport to close this week

Manston airport must remain open

Official: Manston to close next week

Manston bid rejected

Someone wants to know if you want night flights

Manston, elections, and money

Aircraft noise? Wait for what’s coming

I feel like I have been conned

Manston airport is a national asset

Successful afrport would do more bad

Manston should be expanded, not shut

Manston closure: press coverage and video clips

Manston now consulting on NOISE

Manston air show had its problems, but is this the way forward?

Infratil aims to offload loss-making UK airports

Airbus A380 for training at Manston for three weeks

Heathrow closes – TWO planes diverted to Manston

Airports write-down lead to Infratil profits plunge

Flight Blight

Manston’s rat-plane nose-dives in Dublin

A hill of beans

Why throw good money at bad airport?

Council throws good money at bad airport

AWP postponement explained

Airport Working Party meeting Tuesday 19th Feb

Bean Ban Bombshell

Agenda for Public KIACC meeting

Game-changer – Manston to stop being an airport


KLM-Manston: news reports

KLM-Manston: reactions

KLM-Manston: analysis

No sign of Prestwick airport sale

Hurrah! A Public Meeting at Manston!

Charles Buchanan’s brave face

BBC Radio Kent airport debate in Rochester

Infratil Airports Europe; right ingredients wrong outcome

All aboard the 4.20am flight to Amsterdam?

Fan mail

Airport Working Party: unprepared

A reader writes

Infratil is selling Manston, but wants to buy Stansted. Why?

Rival group enters battle for Stansted airport

KCC’s contribution, for what it’s worth

Night Flights vote – political views

Night Flights vote – press coverage

Night Flights vote

Thursday 24th May

Crunch vote on Manston night flights coming soon

Location matters more than night flights

No Nightie Flights!

TDC oppose Manston Airport night flights

Sparks fly over AWP fiasco

Thanet Airport Working Party 4th April

Herne Bay people power

Thanet rejects Manston night flights

Consultation results

Herne Bay rejects Manston night flights

Planning permission for Manston

Manston closure full of surprises


Airport CEOs upbeat

Reality hits home, Infratil leave town

Manston Pickle

Manston’s imaginary friends

Night flight blight triggers house price crash

CPRE response to the public consultation

You say (35)

You say (34)

You say (33)

Today’s the day!

Upping the ante

You say… what you think

You say (32)

You say (31)

You say (30)

You say (29)

You say (28)

You say (27)

You say (26)

You say (25)

You say (24)

You say (23)

Mixed reaction to consultation

Bus day in Ramsgate

SNAFU at TDC Public Consultation

Caption competition

The antidote to night flights – all aboard!

Elephant in the room: the biggest lies hide in plain sight

You say (22)

You say (21)

You say (20)

You say (19)

You say (18)

You say (17)

You say (16)

Open letter, simple question

You say (15)

You say (14)

You say (13)

You say (12)

You say (11)

You say (10)

You say (9)

You say (8)

You say (7)

You say (6)

You say (5)

You say (4)

You say (3)

You say (2)

You say (1)

Cut out the middleman



At last, Herne Bay gets a mention

Night Flights? No thanks!

Night Flights? No thanks – and here’s why…

Public consultation starts on Manston’s night flying proposal

Tit for tat at TDC

Manston in damage limitation mode

The nasty niceties of planning

Laura Sandys gets political

Number one fan

Olympic meddling

Knight vision

Study casts doubt on night flight benefits

CPRE aren’t impressed

Council’s consultation details

Report highlights night flights hype

Council breaks its silence

Airport and Council to break silence

Council Report Pans Night Flights Proposal

Night Flights are for Freight

Location, Location, Location

Employment – when will it ever grow?

Noise Nuisance Under-stated

Planning Problems

Night flights do not mean jobs, says report

44 flights a night at Manston?

TDC’s update on night-time flying proposal

Flybe, Manston, night flights and the truth

KCC says Manston is the short term answer to airport shortage

Doing battle with a naked Emperor

Estuary Airport – hot potato, fig leaf, or white elephant?

Formal consultation on UK aviation

Boris shoots own foot in sympathy

Cameron shoots everybody in the foot, himself first

More airport expansion

Manston villagers only got half the story

CAA: exemplary regulator or lickspittle lackey?

Trevor wants a Parkway

Man moves house, Manston issues press release

CPRE says night flights at Manston will not boost business

CAA wants more runways

Foley’s folly

David Foley backs night flights

That was then…

Threat to night time flights bid

Seasoned greetings…

Flybe quit Manston: analysis

Flybe quit Manston

Clive Hart, night flights and pre-election pledges

Quick question

Thanet the Movie: Welcome to the Casting Couch

Manston to stop fuelling Iran Air: pure coincidence?

Manston’s Hall of Shame

Being hung might be the best outcome

Life under the flight path: 2

Thanet’s favourite map

Life under the flight path

Manston out-performed by a small hole in the ground

Yanks for the memory

Infratil selling Prestwick… Manston next?

Manston winces in the glare of publicity

New hub airport for the south-east

Desperate times call for desperate customers

Great public speaking

Good Luck!

NOT the longest runway

Night Flights: Public Meeting

Manston: there’s no fine print to read

Worst Thanet movie ever…

Sanctions busting at Manston

Urgent need for environmental assessment

Campaigners anger at bid to introduce night flights

Support from CPRE Protect Kent

Labour denies night flight U-turn

Thanet Movies

Manston Parish Council: night flights meeting

Manston: “Airports could go out of business”


Manston’s 2012 schedule

Manston Aircraft Noise Maps

“Night flights would boost business in Thanet” says airport

Manston makes night-time submission

Plans for Manston Airport night flights

See the future, then decide

The Night Flight Proposals 2011

Oh. There goes another one.

Woken in the small hours, 25th October

Night Flight proposals to be outlined on Radio Kent 28th October 11am

Clown makes a serious point

That KIACC meeting, in a nutshell

Does Manston already have a night flight schedule?

KIACC 21st October

KIACC meeting

TDC has lost control of Manston

Psst! Want to buy an airport?

Outlook gets gloomier for Infratil

Noise monitoring at Manston Airport

CPRE Protect Kent

Flybe plummets

Woken in the small hours, 5th October

Manston’s dreams and nightmares

Manston dragging its heels over night flights

Infratil complaints

Liberty Hall

Green vs Greed

Sleep tight before the night flights bite

Sleep-shattering noise? Grand. Fine.

Fly over Ramsgate all you want. Whatever.

Manston swept away

Iran Air at Manston

Glasgow kiss-off

Wouldn’t it be a huge boost for the local tourist industry if Manston could actually develop a viable passenger business?

What about the hundreds of indirect jobs the airport will create?

Is it true that every 1 million passengers creates 1,000 jobs?

Cllr David Green writes:

Surely we can trust Infratil’s numbers?

If it’s in the Master Plan, it must be right. Right?

Over 2,000 airport jobs if Manston gets night flights – isn’t that great?

Consultation news

Straight from the horse’s orifice…

A reader writes (to Bob)

Needle and threat

Open and Shut Basket Case 1

Open and Shut Basket Case 2

Sticky numbers

A reader writes

Jul 2011: most read

Big Apple pie in the sky

Job losses at Manston Airport

Woken in the small hours, 10th July

Air Passenger Duty

Why Steer Davies Gleave?

Airport Working Party neutered?


Transatlantic plans for Manston

Night Flights: too hot to handle?

Trickle of funding for Manston Parkway

Woken in the small hours, 1st July

MAG quits KIACC as noise worries are ‘ignored’

Jun 2011: most read

Infratil Annual Results 2011

Manston unmonitored

TDC seeks Regeneration chief. GSOH essential.

Talks continue over airport job losses

Increasing interest in Southend Airport

EasyJet commits to Southend Airport

Council reveals unsuccessful bid to develop Manston services

Manston calls for ‘congestion charge’ on bigger airports

Manston boss claims it wasn’t a “sweetener”

£600k airport ‘sweetener’

Air Anon at Manston

Motion calls for a policy on scheduled night flights

Sound-activated video recording

A closer look at that bid

Yet another job forecast

KCC’s empty begging bowl

Protesters claim research is misleading

In Manston, no one can hear you scream…

Belfast route opens

Where do Manston’s job forecasts come from?

Manston’s Master Plan

Airport campaigner’s anger over ‘secret’ bid

Readers write

May 2011: most read

Manston’s job forecasts

Airport expansion could bring 3,500 jobs

Prestwick: Coming to the end of the runway?

BBC: Biased Broadcast Coverage?

Another bid for Night Flights

Manston boss and KCC make bid to government for east Kent regeneration cash


Ramsgate chooses Beauty not Blues

Our Chosen Few

Manston is still a hole in the ground

Whoops Apocalypse!

Labour’s red letter day at expense of Tories

Night flights stance ‘clinched seats’

Advisory group recommend no night flights at airport

Nothing to smile about

Manchester “unsustainable”. Belfast “attractive”?

Dont rely on Manston

Manston boss backs campaign for fair air fuel

Oympics to generate “hundreds more flights”

We love Keith Taylor…

Decision nears on runway waste plan

Biggin Hill. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

The Parkway Station fiasco develops

New station ‘would help airport lift off’

TDC and Infratil: “no contact”

TDC Airport Working Party

Airport gets new radar system – to prevent mistakes

Thales supplies surveillance radars to Kent airport

Manston night-flying consultation delayed

Political Posturing on Night Flights

Manston Night flight plans grounded

Consultation stops before it starts

Lovely Posters

Residents rally on night flights at public meeting in Chatham House School

Labour’s ‘no’ to flights at night

Gale keeps digging

TDC Labour Group reject night flying application

Night flights may not be answer for jobs

MP accused of U-turn

LETTER: lost business

Gale’s View on night flights (Feb 2009)

Night flight debate over east Kent rages on as consultation nears

Gale’s View on night flights (Oct 2010)

Gale’s new opinion: part 1

Gale’s new opinion: part 2

Gale’s new opinion: part 3

More from the rumour mill…

Public consultation: the next steps

Politicians Against Night Flights

Infratil top brass come to Kent

Public get the chance to air views on airport expansion plans

Clear boundaries

Sleepless in Thanet

Night Flights

Chairman sorry after complaints

The consultation and the election timetable

Night flights plan requesting take-off

Herne Bay is ‘the fall guy’ for night flights

Public set to be asked for views on night flights from Manston airport

Sleepless in Ramsgate

Meeting? What meeting?

Calling All Whistleblowers


Questions for TDC for the consultation

Manston Noise Assessment

Questions, questions

Ramsgate Town Council consultation

Flight path? What flight path?

Resident storms stage at meeting

Exchange of views

Night flying proposal 2010

Night flights: Herne Bay gets screwed

How not to chair a meeting Part 2

How not to chair a meeting

When is a schedule not a schedule?

BAP report on Night Flights

Warning to TDC and Infratil over Manston


Manston’s future: public meeting

Kent International Airport boss Charles Buchanan to release night-flight plans

From Manston to Manchester in 70 minutes

Pilot says planes do not need to fly over Ramsgate from or to Manston

Many flights not needed

KIACC – public meeting

Manston: healthy and safe?

Hitch with noise monitor

Elite property agency to market business park

Who knows how noisy

Buchanan hails return of scheduled flights

Consultation to follow flight figures

New boss says airport can boost Thanet

Manston as seen from afar

New chief appointed at Manston airport

Manston-Edinburgh flights start

Jobs created at Manston for Flybe flights

Flights dilemmas

FlyBe Bombardiers at Manston

FlyBe to run Scotland route from Manston

21st century Kent

Thanet to play a crucial role in 21st Century Kent


Aviation links

Passenger flight plans grounded at Manston

Cost of airport flights consultation revealed

Public Consultation 2009

Quiet wisdom

Wiggins’ routes discovered

Noise map of Kent

Manston Parkway Station


In a nutshell: Noise

Manston eco-village

Anger as Kent leader stays away from Manston meeting

Paul Carter

Voice of dissent

In a nutshell: airport manners

In a nutshell: Manston

Airport Working Party, 19 May 2009

Nightmare airport

Minster Parkway train station en route?


Are night flights restricted?

Night flying fuels fresh Manston airport fight

Manston is sellable

Manston airport sale “not ruled out”

An airport’s not the best route to regeneration

KIACC examine night flights

KIACC public meeting

Cargolux in international criminal conspiracy

Location, location, location matters for airports too

Curved approach flight paths

Infratil’s flawed bid

By their logos shall ye know them

The bid for BAWC night flights

CCC’s Regeneration Department

Manston is a poor investment

Brazier’s assertions

Recycling Manston Airport

Brazier’s mistake

Manston keeps failing. What next?

YES WE CAN: make it work

YES WE CAN: sleep

YES WE CAN: enjoy being awake

YES WE CAN: monitor

Better monitoring needs better radar

Changes to airport master plan

No case for night flights

Freight over-stated

Fanciful employment figures

British Airways reject Manston airport

The very thought

Elected and supportive

City leader names BA as mystery firm

Cargo flights fear for Herne Bay

Furore over fast track for night flight plans

It’s D-Day for Manston night flights

BA plans cargo flights from Manston

More night time flights for Manston?

Gale’s View: Manston

Manston could help ease strain of games

Air freight fuel costs

In a nutshell: Night Flights

The Background Story

Airport growth ‘flight of fancy’

Airport hopes to soar above crunch

Six million passengers for Kent airport

Misery for Manston as tour operator collapses

Carter prefers Manston to Boris Island

How much did KCC’s trip to USA cost the public?

Cosmos pulls out of Manston as US flight plans grounded

Travel agent is to be based on-site at Manston airport

US flights a £20m annual boost to county’s economy

Airport without radar until end of the year

Bookings start for Manston flights to Virginia

Council told to disclose legal advice over night flights

Direct flights to USA from Manston next year

Direct air link to US cleared for take off

Passenger flights to America from Manston planned

Kent’s investment in US event “value for money”

Airport’s new owners ‘in for the long haul’

KCC defends £100,000 airline gamble charge

Questions still remain over EUjet collapse

EUJet doomed from the start

Council promises ‘hard negotiations’ with airport

New era dawns at Kent airport

Airport broke night flight rules

Manston “overlooked” by airport planners

It’s your choice, Manston told

Manston not told of rival airport

Storm gathers over airport leak

Manston: Timeline