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2019 NNF DCO submissions

NNF00  the guide to the NNF submissions
NNF01  summarises our concerns
NNF02 “No Room for Late Arrivals” – a study of the UK air cargo market
NNF03 The Falcon report on the viability of an airport at Manston
NNF04 The KCC Position Statement on Manston Airport
NNF05 The Avia report on the viability of an airport at Manston
NNF06   Critique of Volume I of Azimuth Associates’ report
NNF07 Critique of Volume II of Azimuth Associates’ report
NNF08 Critique of Volume III of Azimuth Associates’ report
NNF09 Review of issues relating to noise, night flights, and impact
NNF10 Review of issues relating to the effectiveness of the s.106
NNF11 Critique of Volume IV of Azimuth Associates’ report
NNF12 Misrepresentation of the applicant’s proposals”
NNF13  Need
NNF14  Noise
NNF15A critique of RSP’s Revised Noise Mitigation Plan
NNF16  ExQ2 – response from NNF for DL6
NNF17     ExQ3 – response from NNF
NNF18     Noise contours commissioned from the CAA by NNF
NNF19     ExQ4 – Response from No Night Flights
NNF20     ExQ4 – Further response from No Night Flights
NNF21     Our formal record of concern re opportunity to respond

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