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The most vocal supporters of the “cargo hub and knackers yard” pipedream, the starters of petitions, the cheerleaders for foreign property developers, and those who would have TDC take a “leap of faith” into the financial abyss… don’t live under the flight path and wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of their actions. But they’re perfectly happy to inflict a freight hub on those that do live under the flight path.

  • Roger Gale lives in Preston – a quiet little village to the West of Thanet
  • Keith Churcher lives in Wouldham – a quiet little village to the South of Rochester. He is opposed to an Estuary Airport
  • Beau Webber lives in Littlebourne – a quiet little village to the East of Canterbury
  • Mike Barker lives in Dunton Green – a quiet little village to the North of Sevenoaks
  • Nicholas Reed lives in Folkestone
  • Oscar Maynard comes from Deal and is a university student, living in Holland.

NIMBY Ringleaders

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