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Night Flights: Public Meeting

The No Night Flights campaign group are kick-starting the public consultation on Manston’s night flight proposals by organising a series of public meetings.

The first will be at Chatham House School hall between 7pm and 9pm on the evening of Friday 25th November.

There will be more meetings later. If you would like one of the meetings to be in your neighbourhood, just drop us a line. If you can provide a hall or meeting room full of people with questions, we’ll bring some people with answers.

Come along on the 25th to find out what Manston’s night flight proposals will mean for your neighbourhood, and to find out how you can help the campaign against night flights.

Bring a friend, bring a neighbour, but best of all bring your ideas and suggestions.

Chatham House School, Chatham St, Ramsgate CT11 7PS

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  1. Mal the Barsteward

    Will Carter be their?

  2. Or just stay in and watch telly or read a book. Don't waste your evening, spend it with family, the night flights WILL get the go ahead :-). Come back to read this in June next year and realize I told you so.

  3. STL. You back again?If it were solely down to the halfwit councillors and senior officers at TDC, I'd tend to agree with you. However, certain legal issues will at best delay any decision for Manston by a considerable number of years, putting your June 2012 timeline in jeopardy.

  4. Wibbly wobbly wallabee

    A.NonymousSpot on, the legality of the whole Manston Airport and certain actions by our very unprofessional Toy Town D.C will come home to roost.

  5. I know that one of the former litigants is writing to the Council to remind them that they gave an undertaking, in court, that any future application for night-flights would require planning permission to be submitted for the whole development.

  6. Restless in Ramsgate

    I look forward to the meeting and hope that there will be plenty of opportunity to find out the facts about night flights. Having been woken in the early hours of the morning (12.45), I am left furious and frustrated at the contempt with which the airport treats us.

  7. Wibbly wobbly wallabee

    Will the Manston (stab in the back) lot be allowed to attend?

  8. Frutus Kiwius

    Will Buchanan be at this meeting to break down the 40 million he keeps carping on about, and indicate to the public how much the sponging developers of Manston airport have had off the tax payer?

  9. Flying Juggernauts..No Cargo-Night Flights.In the street (vox pops) the public still equate airport with leisure, holidays etc. To help them visualise what their elected representatives may well be agreeing to, I am now describing the airplanes as flying HGV's or trucks or juggernauts or container lorries. The true weight and noise of 8 off these monsters flying over your roof top at night then becomes much less glamourous. And an accident far worse than a jack-knifed juggernaut. A Ramsgate Lockerbie.There also seems to be a fait acompli attitude amongst the members of the public, and especially now that the road across arable land and what was a superb rural landscape, has been built, for the future waste burning site at Richborough, to trundle the container lorries from the airport and now the China Gateway… that it's all set in 'concrete'.Images of Ramsgate and environs becoming a new industrialised wasteland, full of pollution, noise and very few meaningful and gainful jobs for the ever increasing unemployed here seems to be what is in store. Economically though this is no industrial renaissance, but the misguided dreams of the selfish money grabbing businesses and myopic self-aggrandising politicians.I know who I'd like to set in concrete!

  10. Do we have this document in the NNF reference library?http://www.hacan.org.uk/resources/reports/night.flight.final.report.pdf[We do now…]

  11. Sorry, I forgot to add the report authors conclusion:-Our overall conclusion is that a ban on night flights at Heathrow is likely to be beneficial to the economy as the economic costs of the ban will be outweighed by the savings made by the reduced health costs of the sleep disturbance and stress caused by the noise of the night flights.

  12. Frutus Kiwius

    Thanet always has and will have, the continuing stream of spiv developments…at our expense.

  13. That report also states:'Finally we conclude that job losses from a ban would be small as the number of jobs directly dependent on night flights is not high…'There doesn't appear to be any mention of cargo flights in or out of Heathrow though. It states in the introduction: 'The UK Government has restricted the number of night flights and the noise of night flights at Heathrow. Between 11.00pm and 7.00am, the noisiest aircrafts are not allowed to land or take-off.'Do they currently operate cargo flights at night or are they restricted?

  14. Good points Peter S. I don't know the answer to your question yet so here's an INTERLUDE:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx7_yzypm5w&feature=related

  15. Whingeing International Air Cargo Association threatening airport regulators – they really are as insidious as the union busting companies like TNT and business cartels:http://www.ifw-net.com/freightpubs/ifw/article.htm?artid=20017915697&src=rss

  16. Quote from the report:-As the UK Government reviews its limit on the number of night flights allowed at Heathrow,If the UK Government is conducting this review why are they not also conducting the Manston review rather than leaving it to part-time councillors?Surely people who live around Heathrow cannot be more important or worthy of care than people who live around Manston?