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NHS cuts hit home

The article by Sir Roger Gale in the Gazette could almost have been written by an opposition member and not from a person whose party is actually in power.

I deeply sympathise with his view that it is a sorry situation that the Queen Vic hospital has had so many of its outpatients services stripped and placed in the inaccessible Estuary View without the promised subsidised transport facilities. I heard Sir Roger at public meetings on this issue declaring his vow to fight for the hospital and can understand his ire in that his secretary of state for health didn’t take much notice of him.

On his other issue asking where has community care funding gone – I would say it hasn’t really gone anywhere, it just isn’t there. The most recent report on care is that there has been an increase of 17% of those aged 65-plus and a funding decrease of 6%. He has only to ask his fellow Conservatives on Kent County Council to discover just how much their budgets have been cut, for they are the ones that make the decisions on the level of care in the community.

It goes to show that when Sir Roger says NHS hospitals have been stripped of millions of pounds to pay for enhanced community care — it hasn’t happened, but is all part of the smoke and mirrors deception by this government that has been used to mislead us all.

Anne Belworthy
Chairman, Canterbury and District Pensioners’ Forum, Essex Avenue, Herne Bay.

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