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‘New Thanington’ scheme under fire from residents

FACE TO FACE: The 'new’ Thanington meeting, with developer Mark Quinn explaining his proposals
FACE TO FACE: The ‘new’ Thanington meeting, with developer Mark Quinn explaining his proposals

THE developer presenting its vision of a “new Thanington” on the edge of Canterbury took a battering from residents last week. At the meeting, developer Quinn Estates outlined a proposal for a mini new town including 800 homes, a new primary school, 8.000sq ft of office space and a care home for the elderly and mentally infirm. Mark Quinn said the proposal, which includes a park and ride as well as an A2 sliproad, would “bring Thanington in” to the rest of the city. He added:

“We are here for your feedback, but I would not be standing here if did not believe in this plan.”


But long-suffering residents hit back at the proposal Tim Carlyle said the plans, as they stood, need “quite a lot more work”, and Graham Page, chairman of the Thanington Without Parish Council said that if the plans went ahead, “people’s amenities will be irrevocably destroyed”. Another resident asked if Mr Quinn had been to Thanington before drawing up the plans. Issues ranging from whether or not the office would be occupied when there are already empty properties elsewhere in the city to how much the park and ride would be used when there’s anethor one within walking distance on the Wincheap estate, were raised. But the most common objection was transport, with residents calling the current road network in Thaningtun “a nightmare” winch developments threatened to make even worse.

“How can you say another 800 homes would improve traffic on these roads”

one woman asked. Mr Quinn acknowledged that there would be “difficulties” with traffic in the area, but said elements of the plan, including the park and ride, and the extended A2 sliprrod, would help mitigate the problem. Both of the city cauncillors who represent Winchwap, Alex Perkins and Nick Eden-Green, were present, and both were critical of the proposals. Councillor Perkins was especially damning, accusing Mr Quinn of “telling people what they wanted to hear” so that they would write letters of support for a proposal that was “not possible”. He added:

“You’re playing the same game, and there’s no likelihood of this happening. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this land put forward for development, and it always gets shot down for the same reason: It’s just not suitable. Your job is to build houses. We thank you fur building houses: don’t build them here.”

Mr Quinn will be revealing a more detailed set of proposals for the development in the new year.

Herne Bay Times, December 3rd 2014

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