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Mum’s pride as Sky lops off locks for grandma

Schoolgirl shaves head to raise cash for disease research

PROUD: Helen Bennington with her granddaughter Sky Chattendon and daughter Gayle
PROUD: Helen Bennington with her granddaughter Sky Chattendon and daughter Gayle

WHEN Sky Chattenton returns to school after half-term, her classmates may not recognise her. The ten-year-old is sporting a totally new look after shaving her hair to raise money for research into a rare disease affecting her grandmother. Sky went for the chop in front of dozens of onlookers in Mortimer Street on Saturday, and her grandmother Helen Bennington was first to wield the scissors.


SMILE: Sky receives the final trim
SMILE: Sky receives the final trim

Helen, who works as an environmental projects officer for Canterbury City Council, is receiving chemotherapy for amyloidosis — a disease caused by the build-up of abnormal proteins in the body’s organs. It can lead to kidney, heart or liver failure. Sky’s mum Gayle said:

“I am incredibly proud of her. We are still waiting for the grand total but she has raised more than £1,100 already. She told me afterwards that when mum was cutting off her pig tail she was “crying behind her face” and thought about telling her to stop. But then she saw everyone’s faces and decided she couldn’t back out.”

After Helen cut off Sky’s ponytail, Michael Monks from The Cube hairdressing salon went to work with his clippers to complete the transformation. Her hair has been donated to the Little Princess Trust to be turned into wigs for children suffering from cancer and the money will go to University College London, where scientists are researching amyloidosis. Gayle added:

“Sky is feeling fine about it all and we spoke to the school before half term so they are aware she will look different. But I’m sure she will get a few funny looks.”

After the hair cut, staff at Beaus beauty salon treated Sky to a manicure, and the BayPromoTeam organised for Sky, Helen and Gayle to enjoy a free meal at A Casa Mia in the High Street.

  • To sponsor Sky, visit www.justgiving.com/GayleChattenton or text SKYY58 and then the amount eg £5 to 70070

Herne Bay Times, February 20th 2014

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