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Moviegoers taking advantage of app

BayCard replacement a hit with film fans

BIG DEALS: The Kavanagh Cinema's the most popular business on the discount app
BIG DEALS: The Kavanagh Cinema’s the most popular business on the discount app

FILM fans have snapped up bargain tickets available through a new mobile phone app. Almost 100 people took advantage of the £3 seats for the Kavanagh Cinema, in the three weeks since the My town, My City app was launched. Users download the app to their mobile phone or tablet and can then sign up for the deals available for a range of businesses.


The scheme is designed to replace the BayCard and WhitCard which offered discounts at some shops. Town manager Chris West told a meeting of Herne Bay councillors it was proving to be a great success. He said:

“It has been running for three weeks and 1.200 people have downloaded the app. A total of 650 offers have been taken up across Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay and one of the most popular is the Kavanagh Cinema. It has seen the most number of people take advantage of the deals.”

But residents at the meeting last Tuesday said they wanted to be able to use cards as well as the apps. Dick Eburne said:

“We are not all app happy. Bearing in mind the generations in Herne Bay and the demographic, we don’t all use apps. My phone won’t take an app and I have no intention of getting one that will take an app.”

Mr West said cards were available as well, and would store data on how they were used. Tha app has received a cautious welcome from Whitstable councillors. But Councillor Ashley Clark raised concerns that it could see some residents missing out, when the matter was discussed at the Whitstable Area Members Panel meeting. He said:

“I see the residents card is being phased out, at the moment it offers residents the chance to go to the museum without paying, will that change? I know many people are not familiar with this technology.”

Mr West said the museum was still part of the scheme and cards would be available from a website if people didn’t own a smart phone.

  • For more information or to sign up, visit canterbury.mytownmycity.co.uk, whitstable.mytownmycity.co.uk or hernebay.mytownmycity.co.uk

Herne Bay Times, January 23rd 2014

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