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Motoring lobby oppose change

What a deeply conservative lot the motoring lobby are. So threatened by any change: breathalysers, compulsory wearing of seat belts, the pedestrianisation of Canterbury High Street — they’ve opposed them all (Have Your Say Over Towers Road Layout, Kentish Gazette, June 19).

And now there is the hysterical opposition to proposed changes in St Dunstan’s. They should feel more threatened by the projected increase in the traffic in the district, at least 18% higher without taking into account all the extra traffic from the proposed 15,600 new homes in the Local Plan. Without making it much more attractive for a percentage of drivers to travel around the city other than in their cars, congestion and journey times are going to increase substantially for those who have no option but to do so, as well as for the rest of us.

Throwing up your arms at every proposed sustainable transport change isn’t helpful; a new cycle lane, 20mph speed limits, traffic restrictions in Pound Lane and width restrictions on vehicles passing through Westgate Towers are all sensible measures. Some balance and a bit of compromise would be welcome.

Russell Page
Canterbury Green Party, Mill Road, Sturry

Herne Bay Gazette, June 26th 2014

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