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Mindless vandals snap recently planted trees

Vandals have caused outrage after they snapped young tree saplings recently planted in Herne Bay. Four trees in Station Chine between Derling Road and Gordon Road were broken, while another tree in the Memorial Park was also targeted. Former town councillor Vince McMahan was shocked when he discovered the damage while walking through the area on Tuesday, April 15. He said:

“I’m really annoyed because they were lovely new trees that had just been planted. Why have they done this? Why couldn’t they just walk past? This act of vandalism does no good at all. Lots of people work hard to uplift the area so this is so disheartening.”

Mr McMahan said the trees have recently been planted to replace the diseased chestnut trees which are being removed by Canterbury City Council. He believes the vandals struck on Monday evening. He added:

“We must all take our share of the responsibility for our local area. If we see such acts of vandalism, we must report it to the authorities. If we all work together what a lovely town we could have, and then the thugs would be brought to justice. They may even come to their senses and work with us and take pride in our town.”

Colleen Ashwin-Kean, from Herne Bay in Bloom, was also dismayed by what had happened. She said:

“We find it really, really upsetting because these were beautiful, living trees. I personally know how much It costs to plant a tree like this. It’s not just the planting, It’s the maintenance and watering and care that is needed too. It’s just mindless vandalism to snap them off. It’s such a shame that people have tried to spoil what we have in the town.”

Canterbury City Council spokeswoman Mariah Young said the saplings were planted as part of a five-year plan to replace diseased chestnut trees, at a total cost of £2,659. She said:

“We will replace them in the autumn, at a total cost of £250 per tree.”

Herne Bay Gazette, April 24th 2014

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