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Main road plan is completely barmy

Herne and Broomfield Parish Council has already objected to the proposed sale of Strode Farm, being designated as development land, I presume they will object to a planning application which is soon to be made to develop the land now (1,000 Homes, Herne Bay Gazette, April 3). Representatives of the owners have already had several public meetings although I fear there was little real information to be had other than the estate would be entitled Lower Herne Village. The farmland which is the subject of the application consists of a large level field barely above sea level and no doubt was sea marsh 200 years ago. It Is bounded on the north by the new Thanet Way and to the east by the Canterbury Road and the north fork of Lower Herne Road; the boundary Is behind the dwellings until it reaches open land opposite Home Farm. It meets Bullockstone Road at the junction and is the west boundary of the estate.

The only other information at the meetings was a thick red line going north to south on the board which is apparently the relief road which would split the estate in two. I gather it is to be of high standard and capable of supporting heavy lorry traffic. The alternative to this so-called relief road is only the Bullockstone Road which is outside the estate. Its southern end joins the Canterbury Road. It is not a good junction, but it can be improved. To reach the north end it crossed the Thanet Way by a bridge and it ends at the roundabout on the old Thanet Way. I can see no reason why this road could not be widened and more importantly where it meets the Thanet Way a roundabout be constructed around the bridge to afford access to all roads. The Thanet Way is not a motorway but an urban way and it could be controlled by traffic lights. Surely this would be a cheaper scheme than to have a main road through the middle of an estate with children, dogs and cats getting in the way. Have the health and safety people been consulted? It’s barmy.

Mr J.C. Baylis
Lower Herne Road, Herne, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, April 17th 2014

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