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Luncheon tickets up for grabs!

10th July will be a fun
and busy day! We’ll be starting at noon with the grand opening by the Sheriff
of Canterbury (Herne Bay’s own Cllr Ann Taylor).

commissioned replicas of the original commemorative medallions that were
distributed when the Hall opened. We have got enough for all the town’s school
children, but as we can’t fit all 3,000 of them in the Hall, we’ll just be presenting
a few dozen of them on the day.

1pm, there will be a marvellous lunch, prepared and served by students from
East Kent College, and the menu will be based on the original “luncheon” menu,
but somewhat trimmed down from the original fifteen courses!

good news is that we have some free
tickets to give away – simply email HBHRS.org@gmail.com with your name and address (CT6 residents only, please) and you’ll be added to the lucky draw.

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