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Local Plan: letter – Strode Farm

Why we don’t want
this development

We have objected to
the development of Strode Farm for the following reasons:

  • We have camcorder film
    of a serious flooding issue several years ago in Bullockstone Road with homes
    and gardens under water by over 1ft, followed later by another serious flood in
    which the same homes again went under water.
  • What drainage will
    be installed to deal with the water from Home Farm to Lower Herne Road? This
    floods the road and in winter ices up, making the road a skating rink and
    causing numerous accidents.
  • Strode Farm has
    already put in a lagoon to the north of the new bypass because of drainage problems with
    the land. This takes a lot of water
    every time we have heavy rain. What drainage is proposed to cope with the
    flooding there?
  • The present culvert
    that takes water from both Hares Brook and Plenty Brook collapsed in February
  • How much traffic
    will be trying to get out on to Bullockstone Road from the new developments which include the old golf course? The
    road already suffers serious problems as it is still just a small country lane
    with sharp bends and bad surfacing.
  • What measures are
    going to be put in place for the safety of local residents who already take
    their lives in their hands trying to come out of drives and onto Bullockstone
  • A doctors’ surgery
    is to be installed on the present golf course, but how will the Estuary View
    Minor Injuries Unit cope with such an influx of people to the area?
  • What will happen
    about supplying more police for the area? We already have trouble with the lack
    of policing, and it takes time to explain to Maidstone Control where
    Bullockstone Road, Lower Herne Road, Owls Hatch Road, and Thornden Road are, as
    they are not local to the area, already causing delays in getting here.
  • There are four
    stable yards using the roads. How are you proposing to provide safe and secure
    riding for them when the traffic increases and roads become even more dangerous
    than they already are?
  • With more and more
    food being imported from abroad more often these days, farmland should not be developed for housing when we need to feed

It is also
delightful to be able to look out at such a green and verdant landscape which
is why most people live here.

This tiny hamlet has
remained unchanged for hundreds of years, with only more modern buildings being
erected on the sites of the old.

Mrs Margaret Clark,
Bullockstone Road, Herne Bay

HB Gazette letter
27th Jun 2013

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