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Local Plan: Gilbey calls for logic not rhetoric

Yes, I laughed too.

Council leader John Gilbey
has urged critics of the Local Plan to avoid rhetoric and “be logical and
be practical”. In a measured speech –
frequently interrupted by a lone heckler – he said Canterbury was not alone in
the UK in facing the prospect of building on greenfield land.

“For the last 20 or 30
years, we have been using up brownfield sites and we don’t have any of it left
no matter what people tell you. This is a coherent plan, something we are
legally obliged to do and something we 
intend to look at rationally. We will take the consultation very
seriously. Come and talk to us, not with rhetoric, but be logical and be

Cllr Gilbey dismissed a claim
by one public speaker who said that 70% of the land earmarked for development
is owned by either the city council or KCC, telling the meeting it is all owned
by other people or organisations.  He
went on:

“You have got to come to
us and talk to us and we have to tell you in great detail  about what we can and cannot do.”

HB Gazette 6th Jun 2013

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