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Local Plan – Deceit, Lies and Outrage

As the Local Plan gradually works its way into the public’s awareness and (hopefully) gets increasing coverage, I’ll be flagging the more obvious spin, deceit, lies, flannel, truth-stretching and the like.

14th May 2013: thisiskent reported that “Studies commissioned by the council suggested most people’s preferred
choice for more developments was Herne Bay, then larger villages, then
Whitstable, with Canterbury last on the list.”

I haven’t read all 3,250 pages of the Local Plan fun pack, but as far as I can tell at the moment, the above quote (which presumably originated from somewhere in  Military Road) is bullshit.

The likeliest source of information about who would want what built where would be the Ipsos/MORI poll that CCC commissioned – the report was delivered to them in April 2012.  Here is the question that was asked, and the responses:

… and this is how Ipsos/MORI portrayed that result in their report to CCC: 

So there doesn’t appear to be anything that supports the claim that Herne Bay is “most people’s preferred choice for more developments”.

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