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League of Friends of Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, Herne Bay

The committee met on June 9. Emma Young, the podiatry service manager, thanked the league of friends for providing the grinder for the department, which is now up and running. The department is hoping to increase output and utilise the mill to its full capacity, although it is having some problems with lack of storage space. Chairman Gillian offered the league’s helpwith funding to supply a storage building if necessary. The department was also looking to set up a shop to sell products directly to patients/public. Sister Teresa Wright from Heron Ward reported that the Independent Care Quality Commissioning Inspectors were to visit the hospital on June 10 to carry out a full inspection. She also reported that they are short of storage space on the ward.

Bids were agreed for a patient sit on type hoist, for £1,150 plus Vat. Also subject to a detailed quotation an overhead hoist system to cover all ward bays and toilets for £18,307.14 plus Vat. The League of Friends annual newsletter has been compiled by Sandy Winkworth and deliveries are being carried out to all members. if you are interested in becoming a member to support your local hospital a life membership is £10 per person: forms can be found at the hospital. Planning for the fete on September 6 continues and Wahl has agreed to donate prizes for a raffle, plus generous donations from Crown Products, McCabe Ford Williams, and Unit 5 Motors for the Summer Fete Draw.

Herne Bay Gazette, June 19th 2014

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