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Kingsmead Field sell-off is ‘simply illogical’

Campaigners are urging the city council to use its draft Local Plan consultation for a rethink of its plans to sell off a field.

The Save the Kingsmead Field Campaign is battling to prevent houses being built on it and wants the authority to consider other sites for the projected 15,600 new homes which are needed for the Canterbiuy district over the next 18 years.

The Local Plan is the blueprint for the future of the district and covers everything from homes, businesses, shops, leisure facilities and the countryside. Consultation on it lasts until August 30. Save Kingsmead chairman Sue Langsdown said:

“The council says it needs to find 178 hectares of open space for development. so why sell off the 1.9 hectares of the field? It is simply illogical.

The draft Local Plan commits the council to ‘protect and improve open space in the district’ and ‘prevent the loss of existing open space within the urban boundaries’. Why not start by protecting Kingsmead Field?”

Some 100 homes could be built on the field. which sits on the corner of the Broad Oak and Kingsmead Roads. Campaigners are calling on the council to build on the neighbouring brownfield sites of the old coach park and the Serco depot.

The Save the Kingsmead Field Campaign submitted an application for the field to be registered as a village green and expects to hear in the autumn if its application is a success. It has also started legal proceedings in the form of a judicial review which aims to overturn the council’s decision to make the field available for development.

Earlier this month, dog walkers donated a bench for the field and the campaign group is hoping to photograph lm people sitting on it for a picture montage.

Log on to kingsmeadfield.blogspot.co.uk for more information about the campaign.

HB Gazette 27th Jun 2013

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