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Independent shops are being driven out

WELL done, Blair Booth (Times letters, February 25) for sticking up for the Butchers of Brogdale. That’s the best shop that has opened in Whitstable High Street for a long time. I am a Whitstable resident and in the last few years I have seen the town go from good to bad, with the opening of Costa, Morrisons, Iceland, Budgens and Wetherspoons. And now the closing of Stanley fishmongers and also Hedgers the greengrocers a while back. What with the council still doing nothing to the Gorrell Tank car park, which is ruining our market which a lot of locals and DFCS use, it is about time they got their fingers out and stopped all the big chains from coming into the town and started encouraging the small independent shops to the town. What with the parking in town which is ridiculous, people park anywhere they want and nothing is done about it. They need cameras in the High Street and fine everyone for parking on double-yellow lines. Traffic would flow more easily.

Mr B Darvill

Herne Bay Times, March 18th 2015

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