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Vow to solve lights problem

UK Power Networks has vowed to fix problems with street lighting in the Hampton area after concerns were raised by a county councillor. Cllr Brian MacDowall (Ukip) said residents living in West Cliff Drive and Clifftown Gardens area had experienced the street lamps falling. He was concerned that in the darkness people may not be able to see the drop kerbs or see where they were going. UK Power Networks spokesman James Barber said the lights appear to be working, but there have been problems since columns were changed in October. He said:

We’re sorry to hear about the problems residents have been experiencing.We are now making changes to the way the electricity supply gets to the columns. We hope to have the work completed by the end of the week.

Web upgrade

Vodafone is bringing the latest high-speed Internet connections to customers in Herne Bay. The firm says the arrival of the technology will allow people to connect to the Internet on the go. They also believe it will allow businesses to improve productivity by allowing employees to work anywhere in the town, Vodafone is extending services to 392 other towns and cities as part of a £1 billion investment.

Phone irritant

A Herne Bay man has been given a suspended prison sentence after being convicted of making grossly offensive phone calls. Gary Officer, 51, of Windmill Road, Herne Bay, admitted making two calls in Maidstone in May last year when he appeared before Medway magistrates on December 22. He was sentenced to 90 days in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay £85 court costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

Herne Bay Gazette, January 15th 2015

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