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I wish bin collectors would show goodwill

LAST week my bin went out no more than an hour late. Every other week if has been out the day before collection date. Last week I had so much pain in my knee and back that, physically, I could not put it out the day before collection date. I put it out on the morning of collection. I didn’t think the bins had been emptied when I put more out because they were all stood for emptying, so I guess the binmen had put them all back in tidy order. I am 85 years old and do feel they could have been emptied. I rang on the Thursday and was told the rubbish would be collected by Friday or Saturday — it wasn’t. I had no call telling me they wouldn’t do it. I rang Monday and I was told it would be dealt with. I wasn’t so trusting and rang again and was told it wouldn’t be collected as it wasn’t there to time, which was true and I’d have to put the next fortnight’s waste in sacks, which I would think wouldn’t be collected either.
My council tax is always paid on time and that includes waste collection — so I will have to take my waste to the refuge tip myself— as I didn’t feel it’s a job for my friends who would do it for me. I do hope in the start of this season of goodwill that I can still feel goodwill towaeds those who seem to have it in for, at the most, a one-hour mistake and I think I will because after all that’s what’s it’s all about isn’t it? On reflection, of course!

Iris Turner
Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, December 10th 2014