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I did not intend to criticise Mayoress

As Mrs Farbrace is casting me as The Demon King in this little saga, I perhaps ought to explain (Mayoress Is Doing A Brilliant Job, Letters and Opinion, Herne Bay Gazette, June 26). I had read in three places about the stopping of the charity Abigail’s Footsteps from collecting at the Marlowe. From the amount of adverse press coverage it may not have been handled too well. It gave the impression the taxpayer-funded Lord Mayors office has a say over which charity the public can support, and had, very publicly, stopped a worthy charity from collecting. I confess to going into Victor Meidrew mode imagining municipal minions throwing their weight about, but was unaware of the current state of play regarding council and civic dignitaries. There are some who don’t like reading about expensive pomp and ceremony m a city where there are still beggars and homeless.
Although mayoral robes alone were once reported to have cost £17k, perhaps my mention of putting foreign coins in a hypothetical collecting bucket for mayoral expenses was unwise. It seems to be the only part Mrs Farbrace read, and chose to use out of context. I had no intention of criticising the lady who I now know has taken on the mayoral duties. I am entirely in agreement that she is a breath of fresh air to the post and doing an excellent job in supporting charities that make a difference. Any criticism was aimed at a somewhat archaic office and system. I sincerely apologise to her if she took my letter as a personal criticism: It was not meant that way.

Donald Munnings, Mardate Road, Broomfield, Herne Bay

Herne Bay Gazette, July 3rd 2014

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