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Homeowner uses 100 plugs for dazzling lights display

Keith Mannering’s impressive Christmas lights display at his home in Greenhill

We are used to seeing houses, adorned with Christmas lights, but one in Greenhill is likely to surpas any other you’ll see this festive season. The Property in Alridge Close, Greenhill, is once again home to an amazing array of Christmas lights. But the spectacular display on Keith Mannering’s house racks up a considerable electricity bill – with the spectacle requiring at least 100 plugs. He says he put up the lights in memory of his granddaughter, Emily, who was stillborn on December 22, 2001. He added:

‘They’ve grown in size year on year until now there’s hardly any space for any others. I love the look an poople’s faces when they see them.”

Highlights include a dancing reindeer and snowmen on the lawn, and two exploding firework decorations on the house. Visitors are encouraged to come right up close so that they can see the display in all its glory. Preparations have been wider way every weekend since September, with an entire week in November dedicated to the decorations on the lawn. Mr Mannenrig said it took about 80 hours to install the lights, but the effort was for a good cause. The lights are raising money for Beach within Reach, a charity based in Thanet that provides all-terrain wheelchairs to improve access to Thanet’s beaches. There are currently four wheelchairs in need of repair, and donations in a box near the house are welcome.

Herne Bay Gazette, December 18th 20141