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High quality care in hospital

I was unfortunate to suffer a stroke while staying in Canterbury during Christmas but I feel very fortunate in having been taken into the stroke unit in Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Notwithstanding that I was admitted in the early hours of Boxing Day, my treatment was exemplary. Doctors, nurses, ancillary staff, all went out their way to lessen the trauma of my hospitalisation and their positive attitude helped, I am sure, to aid my recovery, which is progressing well. I was particularly impressed by the nurses, who, in spite of having to rush from one task to another, gave everyone such high-quality care. They treated all of us, especially the seriously ill, bedridden patients with amazing empathy and kindness. My stay made me really appreciate our National Health Service. I am now even more determined to step up my efforts to oppose the wholesale privatisation measures enshrined in the Health and Social Care Act which is being planned by the government. I hope more people will join the growing movement to keep the NHS public. We must not allow the destruction of what is surely the finest achievement of any country in the world.

Maisle Carter
Wyke Road, Merton

Herne Bay Gazette, January 8th 2015

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