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Following a late cancellation by the speaker Dan Pretlove, chairman Margaret Burns took the floor, firstly with an explanation regarding the speaker, then taking the opportunity to speak about items that were of concern and those that were coming up in the near future such as the visit to Quex Park, plant sale and what has turned into the annual Kentish tea afternoon, which is hosted by Elizabeth Hopkins. Following a refreshment break, Margaret showed slides from previous society shows starting from 2007. This was followed by short stories and anecdotes on apples and how they got their names, such as the Bramley, Cox’s Pippin and the Bloody Ploughman. The audience found this item interesting and, in some places, funny.

The society’s Summer Show is on June 29 from 2pm-4pm and will include a plant sale, raffle and refreshments. All visitors are welcome, entrance fee is 50p. The next meeting is on June 17 at 7.30pm. The speaker is Kevin Tooher on the Work of Hadlow College. Visitors are welcome, entrance fee is £1.50 which includes refreshments. The society meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except August and December) at the Institute Hall, Canterbury Road, Herne at 7.30pm. New members and visitors are welcome. For information contact Margaret Burns.

Herne Bay Gazette, May 29th 2014

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