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Herne Bay’s Bun Penny is a brighter place thanks to clock tower…

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HOPES are high that The Bun Penny pub will soon be restored to a venue of which Herne Bay can be proud.

Destroyed by fire in September 2011, it was bought last summer by Ernie Tefvik, owner of Ernie’s Plaice fish-and-chip shop in Whitstable, reportedly with a view to creating a family restaurant and luxury flats on the site.

In the meantime, however, it needs a little brightness and colour to deflect attention from its sorry state.

Step in Friends of Herne Bay Clock Tower.

The group that was so instrumental in driving the refurbishment of the iconic seafront building has let the artwork that formerly surrounded the clock tower be placed on the hoardings surrounding The Bun Penny.

Collen Ashwin-Kean, Friends volunteer and events co-ordinator, said: “We had the artwork around the clock tower while the work was going on there and took it down once it had finished.

“We had sponsored an event right at the beginning of the refurbishment and local artist Catherine Francis-Yates co-ordinated it all. Children or indeed anyone who wanted to paint contributed.

“We didn’t want to lose them, so once the clock tower work was done they were made available for The Bun Penny. Thankfully, no one has damaged them and they look nice on that corner.”

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