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Herne Bay to star in new thriller novel


Carol Creasey is releasing a new book, based in Herne Bay

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CAROL Creasey, who has previously released the thriller novel Evil Woman, has revealed her new upcoming novel will be based in her hometown Herne Bay.

The local author has received a lot of support from locals after she released her first book in 2013.

But she has now confirmed that the sequel entitled Evil Woman..Takes Revenge, with Sadie Morton-Brown as the protagonist, will be based in Herne Bay.

“Her family’s moved down from Richmond to Herne Bay, you’ll have to read the book to find out why,” Mrs Creasey said.

“They will now live on Beltinge Road in Herne Bay. The new book is set entirely in Herne Bay and the surrounding area and readers will recognise many of the locations I have written about.”

The author, who has previously released three novels, is now exciting to see how locals will receive Sadie’s arrival in their town.

She said: “I’ve met locals who were very supportive of the first book.

“I am curious to hear what they’ll have to say about the new one. They might be frightened she came to this lovely quiet town.”

The book is due to be published on 26 June and will be available on request in book shops across the country.

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