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Herne Bay needs Duchampions!

The organisers of the Marcel Duchamp Centenary in Herne Bay are holding a public meeting on Thursday 23 May at 6pm at Beach Creative, Beach Street, Herne Bay (the building on the corner of Kings Road and Beach Street). 

With only 2 months to go before our first exhibitions open, we are
inviting everyone in the district to come and hear more about our
exciting plans and find out how they can be a festival Duchampion.

list of events and activities grows by the week and it will be the
biggest celebration of the town in years. It is inclusive and fun and
there will be something for everyone, whatever your age or taste in art.

Apart from the International Symposium, about 40 recognised artists are
contributing original works inspired by Duchamp’s moment in Herne Bay.
As are a host of local artists.  There will be chess and music and
philosophy in pubs and art bike trails and films and workshops and
pop-ups and ready-mades and exhibitions about Herne Bay, both then and

So we need people to Duchampion Herne Bay.  Lots of people. Perhaps you
want to Duchampion the music at the bandstand or the cut-outs on the
beach.  Maybe you want to Duchampion visitors around town, or pedal the
bike cinema for a couple of hours, or put up cartoons in pub lavatories
or Duchampion an exhibition or a workshop.  We need Duchampions at the
station, Duchampions on the phone and Duchampions to organise other

So if you’ve got any free time from now until August come and help
celebrate Herne Bay’s unique contribution to the fun of Art and the Art
of Fun.

If you can’t come to the meeting next week, here are details of how you can contact us to find out more:

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