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Herne Bay Museum to be run by trust, announces city council

2015-03-25-210632The running of Herne Bay Museum is to be transferred from the city council to a trust. The local authority has agreed to transfer its operation to the Herne Bay Museum Trust.

A report by the council said that the bid from the trust to run the museum reflected “a serious amount of enthusiasm and desire to make the venture work for the people of Herne Bay”. The trust will formally take over the museum at the beginning of June. Joanna Jones, the council’s director of museums and galleries, said:

“A lot of hard work has been put into this bid and it has been heartening to see that the trustees recognise the role the museum can play in the life of Herne Bay. There are some very strong proposals for temporary exhibitions and learning and outreach work.

We will now be working with the trustees to ensure a smooth transfer, so that they can get started as quickly as possible. There’s an exciting future ahead.”

The city council has also secured a £15,000 grant from Arts Council England to improve the visitor experience at Whitstable Museum. Officers from the council’s museums and galleries team and the new trust will be working together on the project.

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