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By Baywatcher

THE loss of any pet is devastating, but some leave pawprints on more than their owner’s hearts. That was the case with Ted, patriarch at the pack of Bromham Bernese, owned by Chrissie Bromban, from Clifftown Gardens. He and his friends were almost a tourist attraction as they surveyed their surroundings by standing with theer front legs on her garden fence. And Ted was also a familiar face around town, often spotted in the passenger seat of his owner’s four-wheel drive vehicle, with a front leg resting on the open window like a furry human. But Ted picked up an infection a few weeks ago, and despite the best efforts of vets, Chrissie and her neighbours, he died on Saturday, aged 12. Grandmother Chrissie said:

“Ted was a real icon and so popular around the town – it’s amazing how many people knew him. Lots of children stopped by the house to say hello to him and I had to tell them he wasn’t here any more, which was so sad. We had to take a fence panel out to be able to get him back into the garden but he is back where he belongs now.”

Herne Bay Gazette, June 25th 2014

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