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So the running of Herne Bay Museum is being transferred from our glorious city council to a trust. The Herne Bay Museum Trust, to be precise… a group of worthy individuals who have every right to be delighted with overcoming a mountain range of red tape to ensure their submission won the day.

We can only imagine the hours, the meetings, the poring over grey documents they had to wade through to assemble their bid. Their devotion to the cause is a lesson to us all. These are early days, of course, but it’s difficult to be anything other than optimistic.

This understated museum will be in the hands of people who love Herne Bay Museum. In a town where all too often any development — good, bad or indifferent (ugly seems particularly popular with councillors) — is portrayed as good development, the potential rebirth of this little gem is to be treasured.

But perhaps the most uplifting facet of this heartening little tale is that we can all play a part. For not even the seven trustees can do everything. They need a helping hand… 160 of them, actually. They reckon 80 volunteers are needed if they can bring the museum to its potential. Go on, you know you want to…

Herne Bay Times, March 25th 2015, by Baywatcher