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by Baywatcher

IT HAS been 24 years since Herne Bay provided a Lord Mayor for the district, so there were cheers aplenty when Reculver councillor Ann Taylor pulled on the robes last week. But one thing many people will miss from Heather Taylor’s time is the observations of her dry-witted chaplain, the Rev Peter Freeman. In his last official duty at the mayor making ceremony on Wednesday, as well as the usual wishes for health and blessings, he prayed for councillors to have “patience with time wasters” and be “courteous with the discourteous”. Judging by the wry smiles around the Guildhall, it’s a prayer many of the councillors have also sent up… The ceremony also included glowing speeches from those nominating the new civic team, including Jeremy Bellamy. He quipped that he had applied the “Samper test” to his anecdotes before including them, imagining the look veteran councillor and former Herne Bay junior school teacher Jenny Samper would give him if he told them. Those who sat in her classroom and received those looks will testify they are to be avoided if possible!

Herne Bay Times, May 21st 2014

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