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KING’S Hall was a good place to be last week (isn’t it always?) when it hosted Herne Bay’s seventh business and projects exhibition. With 56 stalls in the main hail and another dozen in the Made In Herne Bay section by the bar, the place was busy, bustling but not overwhelming. And, my, is ours a town where everyone believes. Sure, it’s what we might expect from an event where the accent Is very much on the positive, but here a whole language spoke of a town wholly on the up. From the good folk looking after the interests of the clock tower and the pier to charities stressing the importance of caring for your own to the businessmen in their swish suits, no one was going to let the faintest wisp of a negative cloud colour the horizon. Herne Bay is hopefully moving into a bright era after a period in which it has not perhaps shone as brightly as it could. Just one slightly jarring note your eager correspondent picked up on several occasions: Herne Bay’s surrounding countryside is very much part of its appeal, so please, councillors, don’t forget this when you next decide on a planning application for a giant solar farm.

Herne Bay Times, March 11th 2015

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