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Herne Bay festival announces 2015 theme

Herne Bay Victorian

Guess what’s this year’s Herne Bay Festival’s theme…

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THE organisers of the Herne Bay Festival have announced the exciting news on this year’s theme after closing their vote.

The vote officially closed on Thursday 29 January bringing the long anticipation to an end this morning.

Victorian Herne Bay will be this year’s theme after receiving 43% of votes. 

It was followed by “Wish You Were Here” with 32% of votes and “Herne Bay Through the Ages” with 20%.

The festival organiser, Alex Mahoney, said: “We are really trying to make it the people’s festival this year, by getting everyone involved.” 

Herne Bay will be celebrated as a blooming Victorian Seaside resort.

All events will celebrate this heritage as well as take on the theme of the traditional seaside: candy floss, donkeys, music hall, crabbing, punch and judy and sandcastles.

Last year’s theme was ‘Take To The Skies’, you will see butterflies and rockets in the attached photos.

Here are a few highlights of the period in our little town:

1.The Clock Tower was built in 1837

2. In 1840s a passenger steamer boat began transporting people from London to Herne Bay

3. Train line came to Herne Bay in 1861

4. The pier theatre was built in 1884

5. George Burge and Thomas Telford’s wooden pier was built but was demolised in 1870 after the wood deteriorated.

6. In 1896, the new longer iron pier was built and was the second longest pier in the country at the time.

7. The kings hall was opened in 1904 by Queen Victoria’s daughters.

Did you know all these seven facts?

For more information about the event, taking part in it or advertising, email the organisers atevents@continentaldrifts.co.uk.

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