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Herne Bay Farmers’ Market

Now this is a fantastic idea, and I wish Vanessa every success. This would be a great opportunity for local producers to sell locally, and as Vanessa points out, an opportunity to get a foot on the retail ladder without the costs of opening a shop.

A cook who believes the Bay is ripe for a farmers’ market is hoping to harvest enough stalls to start her own venture.

Vanessa Hill has secured a venue and a date for the first market – Saturday, March 3, at Herne Bay United Church Hall in the High Street – and now needs sellers to sign up.

The mum-of-two, who works as a chef in a care home, said:

“I had the idea just before Christmas. I’d been to Whitstable farmers’ market and found it really crammed. I’d like to go back to the basics, with local produce from small suppliers, from vegetables to breads, or cider and home-made jams.

I’d also like to get youngsters involved. There are so many talented young people out there with great ideas. But they wouldn’t have a hope in hell of being able to open a shop, with all the expenses involved.”

Are you interested in having a stall? Call Vanessa on 07740 586010.

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