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Many members and friends attended the group’s first meeting of 2015 to learn about the history of Beltinge. Using images of the village’s early beginnings, kindly made available by member Pauline Turner, Margaret Burns illustrated her talk with modern photos taken from the same viewpoint as the early scenes – a then and now approach.
From around the turn of the 1900s land from Beltinge Green Farm was sold off in plots by developer Edward Ramsey. The now busy Seaview Road was once a quiet track called Beltinge Lane. Two early buildings east of Blacksole Bridge which would have dominated the surrounding undeveloped landscape were the Friendly Convalescent Homes and the Railway Homes, both operating as Friendly Societies where railway and factory workers from all over the country could recuperate from illness and accidents.

The Railway Homes building remains in use as a residential caring establishment, but only the ornamental iron gateway of the Friendly Homes has survived. Some of the early buildings in the village can still be seen today; the thatched cottage on the site known as Dolly’s corner, nearby Sycamore Cottage and opposite, The Grange containing parts of the original Beltinge Green farmhouse. Reculver Lodge, White Lodge – once used a health hydro, and a large house that contained St. Hilda’s School, are some of the lost buildings of Beltinge. The village was served by two public houses, the Rising Sun and The Miramar Hotel. While the Rising Sun although altered remains, the Miramar is completely redeveloped as a retirement complex.

The next meeting of the group is on Tuesday, March 3 at 7.30pm. Jim Preston will give an illustrated talk on Industrial Archaeology and Kent – a look at the heritage of industrial buildings and associated infrastructure such as mills, bridges and railways, once used in the output of products and services in Kent’s rich Industrial past.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm at the Institute Hall, Canterbury Road, Herne, opposite Strode Park. New members and visitors (£2) always welcome. For information contact chairman Alan Dilnot on 01227 373695. The group’s website is; https://sites.google.com/site/herneandbroomfieldhistory/home or find it on Facebook; Herne and Broomfield Local History Group.

Herne Bay Gazette, February 26th 2015

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  1. Lawrence James Blake

    I am now retired and live in Beltinge but I am curious to know whether the Group has any pictures of the now demolished Saint Hilda’s School that used to be in Seaview Road.
    My Late mother was a teacher there between the wars as she lived in the ‘Grange’ in Reculver Road. Her father was an artist and interior designer. She and my father were married at All Saints ,Whitstable in 1937 (my grandfather and family had moved as he had by then purchased a house in Whitstable).

    Any help would be most helpful