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Government not interested in Manston

You see, Sir Roger is convinced that the old airport at Manston was a national asset. Grant Shapps agrees. So does the Roads Minister, John Hayes. Apparently, our glorious leader, “Dave” Cameron, takes valuable time out from fighting for his political future to “back” (solely with the power of thought, we assume) the closed airport.

It’s odd, isn’t it, that the Government hasn’t for a second suggested using its own compulsory purchase powers to rescue our local aviation basket case?

Instead, the Government is absolutely consistent that teeny tiny TDC must make this happen all by itself.

Surely all this “oooh, I love Manston airport lots”, “no, I love it more than you do”, “no, no, I’m Manston’s best friend” isn’t just crude manipulation of the CPO fan club to keep the names of these politicians in the local news, is it? I mean, these Government chaps really, really do love the old airport and want to do everything in their power to see dirty great cargo planes flying from it again, don’t they?

Well, not quite everything in their power, obviously. Stands to reason, dunnit?

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  1. Hello
    Thanks for your regular updates on the Manston situation. I like many of the silent majority are fully behind the new development. I think it is high time that the Save Manston Army took a long hard and critical look at the situation. There hope for a cargo hub bringing a handful of jobs with it is not a solution. I and many of my friendsdo not see this as a as viable long term solution. Given the disruption and pollution it would bring with it is not good for us nor for the reemerging tourism in the area. I really don’t think that either Heathrow or Gatwick with their highly developed cargo handling facilities will be very willing to hand trade to an ailing airport and support a potential competitor. The political football that Manston has become in recent weeks outlines the shallow nature of or MP’s and would be MP’s as they know full well it is the Government who decides if or if not Manston is a national asset. Post the 7th it will be interesting if Thanet North and South MP’s are still so vociferous in their support.