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‘Gandhi’s little legacy is Ukip’

Indian leader quoted at meeting

THE UK Independence Party is a legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, party members have been told. Janice Atkinson, a former Tory now hoping to be elected as a Ukip MEP, told supporters at a meeting in Herne Bay they were following the same path as the legendary leader, who fought for India’s independence from England. Using a quote often attributed to Gandhi, but believed to be from a JJS Trades Union address in 1918, she said:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. We are Gandhi’s little legacy.”

About 50 people attended the meeting at the Kings Hall on Tuesday to hear Mrs Atkinson and fellow MEP candidate Alan Stevens outline the party’s key messages on the EU, uncontrolled immigration and energy. But Mo Elenor, chairman of Ukip’s Kent branch, said detailed policies would not be released until nearer the election. She said:

“The others would nick them. Some of it is out but not all of it and that is why.”

Mrs Atkinson, the party’s second in command behind Nigel Farage, did reveal some of her beliefs on education. In response to a question about Barton Court Grammar School’s proposed move from Canterbury to Herne Bay she said:

“We will expand grammar schools, end of. There is nothing wrong with elitism through education. If you have the ability you will go.”


She said the party was challenging “climate change propaganda” in schools and wanted citizenship lessons to be about “pure politics”. And she argued that postal votes should be scrapped because they were open to abuse, citing cases where “20 or 30 people” were registered at the same address. She added:

“We are a threat to the establishment and that is why we are under attack. We are going to win the Europeans first and then we are going to win some parliamentary seats, and not a million miles from here. The Tories are going backwards, Lib Dem is being squeezed out of existence and Labour is saying Ukip could win.”

Mr Stevens said he joined Ukip because Tory leader David Cameron reneged on a promise to hold a referendum on the EU. He said:

“The big thing I think is this great recession. It started in 2008 and in reality has not ended. Politicians have grappled with this recession, they haven’t solved it and caused people to lose faith in politicians. This has created an opportunity. Most people in the country broadly agree and are broadly supportive of our existing policies and believe Ukip have been right all along.”

Mrs Atkinson said the party could win up to six seats out often in the South East in the European elections, and if it polled the same number of votes in the general election as it did in local elections it would have eight seats in the Houses of Parliament. She said:

“We are the only party who want to make ourselves redundant. We are not in it for the money. We are in it to get our country and sovereignty back.”

Mrs Atkinson will speak at a public meeting at 8pm at the Horsebridge Centre in Whitstable on Tuesday, April 8, with fellow MEP candidate Patricia Culligan.

Herne Bay Times, March 20th 2014

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