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FlyBe to run Scotland route from Manston

GREAT news for FlyBe but the plane is a turbo prop — slow and noisy inside for passengers. What happened to the jet age? Nice try, but for me it’s back to Heathrow.

Peter Barton, Herne Bay

GOOD luck with this. I hope it is big success — despite the fact that I currently have no plans to go to Edinburgh — however maybe we will do it to show solidarity. What we really want is a low cost European route option — until then we have to trek to Gatwick or Stanstod.

Philip Blair, Deal, Kent

OH, the trek across frozen tundra to Gatwick, or wading across the mighty Thames to Stansted – what a hardship! For those selfish enough to be concerned about a once/twice a year trip to the airport, have some sympathy for the thousands of residents under the flight path who put up with very low level 747 freight aircraft late at night or early in the morning. The airport operators have asked for the authority to operate flights between 11pm and 7am, meaning a 747 could take off or land at 3am without any form of recourse or compensation to the thousands who were asleep a few hundred feet below. A few domestic/European destnations flying in the middle of the day is acceptable, but the airport operators have shown a total disregard to those affected the most by its current and intended operations. Please remember that if you fly from Manston.

Steve Higgins, Ramsgate

Herne Bay Times, February 25th 2010