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Festival deals won by two London firms

Organisers for Whitstable and Herne Bay’s main events

MOVING FORWARD: The Event Umbrella will run Whitstable Oyster Festival for the next three years
MOVING FORWARD: The Event Umbrella will run Whitstable Oyster Festival for the next three years

ORGANISERS of the Whitstable Oyster Festival and Herne Bay Festival for the next three years have been announced. Event Umbrella, which ran the seven-day Oyster Festival last year, has won the contract again but in Herne Bay London firm Continental Drifts will take over from Same Sky. Staff there have run previous community festivals, including The Elephant And The Nun festival in Southwark. Council bosses said the standard of applications was very high. Executive member for festivals, Georgina Glover, said:

“Both demonstrated the most experience and innovative programming ideas that will see the festivals grow and attract new audiences, so we are very excited about what this could mean for the future. A three-year contract allows them to fully invest in these opportunities and become immersed in community life. Conversations about this year’s festivals will start very soon, so if anyone would like to be involved, they should get in touch with the organisers through the festival websites.”


Gus Corcoran, of The Event Umbrella, said the firm was delighted to have been chosen. He added:

“Over the coming three years we will ensure Whitstable Oyster Festival maintains its position as one of the leading gastronomic and cultural lest rivals, not only within the South East but nationally. We are all very excited and look forward to working closely with the council, Whitstable Oyster Festival Association and the local community to deliver three fantastic festivals between now and 2016.”

Mandy Janes, from Continental Drifts, said:

“Continental Drifts is thrilled to be chosen as the organiser for Herne Bay Festival and is really looking forward to this exciting project. I know Herne Bay has a multitude of creative talent and we look forward to working with festival friends old and new to create amazing events over the next three summers.”

This year’s Whitstable Oyster Festival runs from Saturday, July 26 to Friday, August 1, while the Herne Bay Festival runs from Saturday, August 23 to Sunda August 31.

• Visit the websites at www.whitstableoysterfestival.com and www. hernebayfestival.com for more details and to contact the organisers.

Herne Bay Times, January 23rd 2014

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