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Farage fled man in a camouflaged onesie?

A BIG event for Ukip in Herne Bay was announced for last Saturday… Nigel Farage was to open the shop in Mortimer Street at 9am. What a farce. There they were: their local top brass all poshed up waiting outside to greet their great leader. We in the Labour Party had our usual information stall, our parliamentary candidate and two of our district council candidates at the end of Mortimer Street watching the carnival that was taking place higher up the road. A man dressed in a camouflage onesie arrived with a loudspeaker and began shouting out: “Farage is not welcome in Herne Bay”. Poor old Ukip supporters had waited an hour in the cold when it was announced that the man with the answers to all the country’s problems was not coming for “security reasons”. However, we learnt later that he did arrive at the Junction with Mortimer Street and drove off — whether it was the man in the onesie or the Labour Party he couldn’t face we will never know.

Anne Beworthy
Herne Bay

Herne Bay Times, February 11th 2015

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