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Family’s horror as gran, 91, is injured in fall at hospital

Gwendoline left ‘broken in mind and spirit’

INJURED: Gwendoline Wakeling
INJURED: Gwendoline Wakeling

A 91-YEAR-OLD grandmother says the poor care and injuries she sustained at Kent and Canterbury Hospital have “broken my spirit and mind”. The family of Gwendoline Wakeling, who lives in Whitstable, have accused the hospital of “running around in circles” and “throwing her on the scrapheap”, after the 91-year-old was left lying in a pool of her own blood, after a fall. Her daughter, Sharon Stevens, said that when she was admitted to hospital on November 14 last year after a diabetic hypoglycaemic attack at home, she was told it would only be “for a few days”. Thanks to her injuries and complications, Mrs Wakeling ended up staying in hospital until January 21. Sharon said her mother had been let down by the care she had received.

“This is a 91-year-old woman who, after being treated for a chest infection and a diabetic hypoglycaemic attack, was considered “independent”, and fine to take herself to the toilet. Next thing we know, she’s found lying in 500 ml of her own blood, and staff don’t even know what she fell on to cut herself that badly! Next, she’s left with nothing but a basic bandage on her wound by a doctor, who said he would be hack in an hour at 11am, then left her until 8-9 at night! She fell on Wednesday, 17 November, and didn’t receive a skin graft until January 12. My mother is an incredibly strong woman; I’m not sure I could have survived what she went through. But now, she has lost all confidence in everything.”


“She’s afraid to be left alone, afraid to go out, and we’re still waiting for an adequate explanation from the hospital for how this could have happened. It has left her horribly shaken, as it has us as a family.”

The East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust says its is unable to comment specifically on the case without the consent of Mrs Wakeling. It did, though, confirm it has been contacted by the family but urged them to contact the Patient Experience Team to arrange an investigation into the matter.

Herne Bay Times, February 4th 2015

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