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Eye-popping variety at the WEA

What does lifelong learning mean for Herne Bay?

Quite a lot, really. And I am not referring to the resources of Canterbury, or Faversham, or even Whitstable. I am referring to adult learners in Herne Bay finding within their own town the possibility to go on learning, discovering, exploring throughout their lives.

I wish every form of learning throughout adulthood represented in Herne Bay would advertise itself during that week in every medium. Many people would be surprised at the wealth and variety of resources available. I, personally, would like to concentrate on the courses offered in Herne Bay by the WEA.

The WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) was founded in 1903, to support the educational needs of working people who could not access further or higher education. It is at present the major voluntary adult education organisation in Britain and provides courses for all kinds of adults, without losing sight of its original mission.

It operates at local level through its regional offices and volunteer-led branches. The Herne Bay branch has been in existence for 30 years and has been providing an eye-popping variety of courses over the years.

As all the courses are held during the day, most of Herne Bay students, though not all, are retired, but still enthusiastic about learning. And they can do it without the time and effort required to go to another town, a very real advantage as you get older.

The tutors are fully qualified and they need to be, as adult learners are there to learn, and if you cannot hold their attention, they do not come back!

The programmes are chosen in consultation between tutors and students. and the courses are more like seminars, guided conversations, trips of discovery that leave you with a smile and eager for more. And no exams at the end.

To all this, add the therapeutic effect of keeping your brain active, expressing your thoughts and listening to others, making contact with others in a very civilised way.

As always, these courses will depend on sufficient attendance, so please come if you can, tell your friends, support your local Herne Bay branch of the WEA.

What other small town would offer such an array of courses, given locally by such good tutors?

One-day courses at St Andrew’s Church Hall. Hampton Pier Avenue. Fee: £20 each including refreshments and light lunch.

Marcel Duchamp.
Saturday July 13th, 10.30am to 3.30pm

Saturday November 23rd, 10.30am to 3.30pm

Myth and Fantasy in Western Art.
Saturday January 25th, 10.30am to 3.30pm

Poems old and new about the Age of Chivalry, Myth and Legend.
Saturday March 22nd, 10.30am to 3.30pm

Ten week courses at the North Room, Christ Church, William Street. Fee: £79 each.

Joseph Haydn.
Starting Tuesday September 24th, 10am to noon

The Brontes.
Starting Thursday September 26th, 10am to noon

Oscar Wilde.
Starting Tuesday January 14th, 10am to noon

Music from and Portugal.
Starting Tuesday January 14th, 10am to noon

Poetry of Seasons and Gardens.
Starting Thursday April 24th, 10am to noon

Five-week courses at Beach House, Beach Street. Fee: £39.50 each.

Kentish Man and Men of Kent.
Starting Tuesday April 22nd, 10am to noon

The Story of the English Garden.
Starting Thursday April 24th, 10am to noon

To book a course, or for more information click HERE.

HB Times 2nd May 2013

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