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Exaggerated claims on airport closure

I SUSPECT Myra Jones of Herne Bay has exaggerated somewhat her claim that peace and fresh air has returned to Herne Bay with the closure of Manston airport (Your views, Times, May 28). Has the difference realty been ‘phenomenal’, (extraordinary)? How many flights have used the runway daily on average in recent years? My impression is only one or two, perhaps three or four on a busy day. I may be incorrect on this point, not living close to the airport, but close enough to Herne Bay to realise some of the flights have affected this area. Also, not all take-off and landings will employ the same route at any instant. Wind direction will be a factor, and usually landings and take-offs are in opposite directions, so Herne Bay will not have experienced every one of these flight movements. Assuming there may have been a ‘phenomenal’ number of flights, was the noise really horrendous? Also, how many of us have ever smelt the fumes emitted from an aircraft passing overhead? It is a pity there are so many lame reasons presented in opposition to the success of Manston airport. If developed welt it would me a great asset to the area. Most of us enjoy the benefits afforded by aviation but tend to ignore its footprint. It is fortunate the ‘not in my backyard’ element is in the minority.

Malcolm Scott
Modina Avenue, Whitstable

Herne Bay Times, June 4th 2014

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