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Electric link ‘should be buried’

  • 25 March 2015
  • From the section Kent
Route map

The route of the pylons is under public consultation

“Vast” electricity pylons that will be built over 12 miles of Kent countryside should be buried underground, a campaign group has said.

The National Grid will build 60 towers, running from Richborough to Canterbury, to help transport electricity to and from Europe.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England said the cables should be buried.

National Grid said the cost of running the cables underground would be prohibitive.

Barrie Gore, who is the chairman of the Canterbury CPRE, said: “We think the route should go underground – indeed part of it is going underground from where it comes ashore… so why not continue that process.

“The pylons are vast. In terms of coming around Canterbury, which of course contains a world heritage site, they are going to affect the setting of that city for goodness knows how many years to come.”

A consultation on the plans will conclude on Friday.

Steve Self, from the National Grid, said cost was a “very important factor” as to why the cables would not be put underground.

He said pylons were a technology that was “well proven and works”.

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