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Drivers familiar with flooding road

I read the story about the number of crashes on Calcott Hill because of water running across the road and freezing, despite Kent County Council claiming that it had been gritted (Council DID Grit ‘Ice Rink’ Road, Herne Bay Gazette, January 22). It may have been gritted but obviously this could not cope with the continuous stream of overflowing water. In a similar accident in which a woman died in December 2006, at the inquest it was reported in the Gazette, May 31, 2007, that a Kent Highways Service manager stated that “surface water running off surrounding fields” was the cause. At the inquest, KCC said the road had been gritted the previous evening and was not viewed as a flood risk. Those that use this road know this is not the case, as often water collects or runs across the road. So nine years on, not much has seemed to have happened, except that panacea for all accidents, the speed limit was reduced!

Terry Hudson
Russell Drive, Swalecliffe

Herne Bay Gazette, February 5th 2015

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