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Do you want to be a councillor?

The city council has come under frequent fire over its decision-making process, so could you do any better? There will soon be an opportunity to stand for election for the authority, which is organising a meeting to explain how and what the role of a councillor involves. But with 11 fewer seats in the chamber to fight for after boundary revisions, the remaining 39 are expected to be hotly contested. The information event is at the Guildhall in Canterbury at 6.15pm on Wednesday, December 10, and expected to last about 90 minutes. It will explain the process involved in standing for election, what the council does and what life is like as a councillor. Councillors come from walks of life and age groups and play a key role in shaping the district, from deciding planning applications ttrough to setting council tax and parking charges, as well as representing voters. Chief executive Colin Carmichael said:

“If you’re interested in what happens in the district and would lilce to represent your community on the council, then this is the meeting for you. You don’t need to be a member of a political party because thousands of councillors up and down the country are independent of politics.”

For more information or to confirm attendance at the meeting, e-mail pippa.tritton@canterbury.gov.uk or call 01227 862594. There is also a council leaflet ‘How to become a city councillor’ available at www. canterbury.gov.uk.

Herne Bay Gazette, November 27th 2014

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